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Characters Who Embody "Love" (Pt.1)

Love is complicated and can be hard to show in books or television. It has it's ups and downs, many people have their own ideas of what looks like, and everyone expresses love differently. However, there are some characters whose characteristics and experiences embody what love is and how one goes about expressing this complicated emotion.
Disclaimer: I will be using anime characters in this list, so if you don't watch anime (which I highly recommend) or don't like it (which I will say you just haven't found the right one), you probably won't understand. But, I will try my best to explain the characters and story. This will be a longer series of posts where I will use other media, but for now, I will focus on these two characters.
1) Sakura Haruno

I'm starting off with who I refer to as the "Blue Cheese" character of the popular anime, Naruto. The show is about a young ninja, Naruto, who is shunned by his village because he has a dangerous nine-tailed…

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