About Me:)

I started this blog to create a community of Romance lovers; whether that be in film, television, or books. In my everyday life, there are few people who will openly admit to loving the cheesy Rom-Com that are taking over the movie industry, and even fewer who will admit to reading those "trashy romances" found on Amazon of Google Books. There should be no shame in admitting to loving these because they are awesome and give those looking for more in our lives a way to escape from reality for a while. Not to mention, some of those "scenes" can get pretty steam and can make someone feel really good about themselves;)

This site is dedicated to all those who want to express their love for the genre and to voice their opinions on certain topics related to the field. I'll be posting my own opinions, of course, and starting conversations around those topics, but I want this blog to be inclusive for anyone who wishes to do the same.

Now, about my name...

I have always loved the thought of having a pen name. It makes me feel mysterious and charming while also allowing me a since of privacy in my everyday life. That is why I will not disclose my real name anytime soon. That might change depending on circumstances, but no time soon.
I decided on Lady Silver because of two reasons:

1. I am a lady
2. Grey was already taken.

I see life as being complex with many different viewpoints on topics. Nothing is ever black or white because certain circumstances can paint someone who is a villain as the hero or give new meaning to an otherwise straight-forward idea. In romance, there are layers to a story that reveal truths about life and love that don't appear in most genres. I want to discover those truths and share them with the world. "Feather" is used in the blog name because a feather is associated with flight which represents freedom. Anyone who visits this website should feel free to express themselves and their love of all things "cheesy". Also, "Lady Silver" was already taken by a fashion website:(

As far as my own personal interests: I'm not very picky about the genres that I watch or read, so there won't be any special treatment for the materials covered in this blog. The only requirement is that there is romance represented somewhere. Other than that, anything is fair game.

I will post something new every Tuesday and Thursday, so make sure to follow me for notifications.
Enjoy the love!
       - Lady Silver


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